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Frequently Asked Questions about Disney Cruise Transportation and Port Canaveral


What airport should we fly into to go to Port Canaveral and how far is Port Canaveral from Orlando Airport (MCO)?

Orlando International Airport is the most convenient airport to fly into to catch a cruise. Port Canaveral is located 48 miles east of Orlando airport and driving time is about 45 minutes.

 We’re flying in on the same day the ship sails. What time do you recommend we arrive at Orlando International?

You should arrive no later than 1:30 pm at the absolute latest (Book a flight to arrive by 12:30 pm allowing some time for any unexpected delays). A comfortable arrival time to catch a cruise is between 10:00 am and 11:30 am.

Where do we meet the driver at the airport and coming back from Disney cruise ships?

 Look for the driver holding a sign with the passenger’s name written on it.At Our airports: The driver will be standing by inside the baggage claim level at the bottom of the escalators. At Disney Cruise Terminal: The driver will be standing by outside the only Disney Cruise Terminal exit.

Watch a video to see how easy we make it to connect with your chauffeur:

We will be staying at a hotel near the airport on the day of the cruise. What time should we leave for Port Canaveral?

 You do not need to rush leaving your hotel in the morning as most ships don’t start boarding until 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm and most passengers leave the airport area hotels shortly after check out between 11:30 am & 1:00 pm (The later you leave the shorter the lines outside the terminals especially for those going on 1 week cruises. You may leave as late as 2:00 pm as long as road conditions allow it.

Can you pick up from a hotel near Walt Disney World first, then the airport where the rest of our party is arriving?

 Yes we can. We are very flexible in our ability to pick you up from any location in metro Orlando and the airport (No restrictions). Additional charges apply for extra stops. If you have a special need or request just let us know when booking your reservation and we’ll take care of the rest.

What time do passengers disembark the Disney Cruise Line ships and what is the earliest time we should book our flight home?

Based on our experience with debarkation, the earliest time passengers exit the Disney Cruise line ships is around 7:30am and the latest passengers coming of the ships is around 9:45am. You should book your flight to depart no earlier than 10:45am. If your airline is participating in the BAGS(Baggage Airline Guest Services) program you might want to check your bags in for the flight on the ship where you won’t see them until you arrive at your home airport(In this case you can catch a flight as early as 9:30am).

On the day we return home, our flight doesn't leave until 3:00pm. Do we have enough time to check out any of the area attractions?

Provided you leave the port by 9:15 am, you can spend about 3 hours at Kennedy Space Center (Enough to take the bus tour. 5 hours is recommended to see KSC) or go for an Airboat ride near Orlando Airport (allow 2 hours). For those of you who have a flight after 5:00 pm you may want to visit one of our many local theme parks such as Sea World or Universal Studios (Ask us about our luggage safeguarding program while visiting any area attraction or place of interest).




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